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Año: 2024

Año: 2023

  • Brand relationships in wireless mobile environments: The mediating role of apps.
    García Davalos, A. & García Duque, J. (2023). International Journal of Consumer Studies (SSCI BUSINESS Q1 2022), 47(4), 1335.
    [Version online]
  • A Crowdsourcing Recommendation Model for Image Annotations in Cultural Heritage Platforms.
    Maged Kamel, M., Gil Solla, A., Guerrero Vásquez, L. F., Blanco Fernández, Y., Pazos Arias, J. J. & López Nores, M. (2023). Applied Sciences (SCIE ENGINEERING, MULTIDISCIPLINARY Q2 2022), 13(19).
    [Version online]
  • A Simplified Mobile Advertising Model to Study Advertising Spreading through Personal Social Networks and Branded Apps.
    Garcia Davalos, A. & García Duque, J. (2023). Journal of Promotion Management, 29(8), 1104-1137.
    [Version online]
  • An Overview of Big Data Analytics for Cultural Heritage.
    Wallace, M., Poulopoulos, V., Antoniou, A. & López Nores, M. (2023). Big Data and Cognitive Computing (ESCI), 7(1).
    [Version online]
  • Automatically Assembling a Custom-built Training Corpus for Improving the Learning of in-Domain Word/Document Embeddings.
    Blanco Fernández, Y., Gil Solla, A., Pazos Arias, J. J. & Quisi Peralta, D. (2023). Informatica (SCIE MATHEMATICS, APPLIED Q1 2022), 34(3).
    [Version online]
  • Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Breast Cancer Recurrence Using Structured and Unstructured Sources from Electronic Health Records.
    González Castro, L., Chávez, M., Duflot, P., Bleret, V., G. Martin, A., Zobel, M. et al. (2023). Cancers (SCIE ONCOLOGY Q2 2022), 15(10).
    [Version online]
  • Use case modeling in a research setting of developing an innovative pilgrimage support system.
    López Nores, M., Pazos Arias, J. J., V, V., J., S. & G., L. (2023). UNIVERSAL ACCESS IN THE INFORMATION SOCIETY (SCIE COMPUTER SCIENCE, CYBERNETICS Q3 2022), To appear.

Año: 2022

  • Digital Technology in Managing Erasmus+ Mobilities: Efficiency Gains and Impact Analysis from Spanish, Italian, and Turkish Universities.
    López Nores, M., Pazos Arias, J. J., Gölcü, A. & Kavrar, Ö. (2022). Applied Sciences (SCIE ENGINEERING, MULTIDISCIPLINARY Q2 2022), 12(19).
    [Version online]
  • Systematic review of technological aids to social interaction in Autistic Spectrum Disorders from transversal perspectives: psychology, technology and therapy.
    Fernando Guerrero, L., López Nores, M., Pazos Arias, J. J., Robles Bykbaev, V. E., Bustamante Cacao, K. C. & Jara Quito, H. J. (2022). Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders (SSCI PSYCHOLOGY, DEVELOPMENTAL Q1 2022), To appear.

Año: 2021

  • CASIDE: a data model for interoperable cancer survivorship information based on FHIR.
    González Castro, L., Cal González, V., Del Friol, G. & López Nores, M. (2021). Journal of Biomedical Informatics (SCIE MEDICAL INFORMATICS Q1,D1 2021), 124.
    [Version online]
  • Design, implementation, and evaluation of a support system for educators and therapists to rate the acquisition of pre-writing skills in children.
    Serpa Andrade, L., Pazos Arias, J. J., López Nores, M. & Robles Bykbaev, V. E. (2021). IEEE Access (SCIE COMPUTER SCIENCE, INFORMATION SYSTEMS Q2 2021), 9, 77920 - 77929.
    [Version online]
  • Systematic review of electricity demand forecast using ANN-based Machine Learning algorithms.
    Román Portabales, A., López Nores, M. & Pazos Arias, J. J. (2021). Sensors (SCIE ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC Q2 2021), 21.
    [Version online]
  • Using dates as contextual information for personalized cultural heritage experiences.
    Dahroug, A., Vlachidis, A., Liapis, A., Bikakis, A., López Nores, M., Sacco, O. et al. (2021). Journal of Information Science (SCIE COMPUTER SCIENCE, INFORMATION SYSTEMS Q3 2021), 47(1), 82-100.
    [Version online]

Año: 2020

  • Assessing Children's Perceptions of Live Interactions with Avatars: Preparations for Use in ASD therapy in a Multi-Ethnic Context.
    Guerrero Vásquez, L. F., Robles Bykbaev, V. E., López Nores, M., Bravo Torres, J. F., Jara Quito, H. J., Tapia Vintimilla, M. A. et al. (2020). IEEE Access, 8, 168456-168469.
    [Version online]
  • Distracting Users as per their Knowledge: Combining Linked Open Data and Word Embeddings to Enhance History Learning.
    Blanco Fernández, Y., Gil Solla, A., Pazos Arias, J. J., Ramos Cabrer, M., Daif, A. & López Nores, M. (2020). Expert Systems with Applications, 143.
    [Version online]
  • Experiences from turning Linux into an instructional Operating System.
    Ramos Cabrer, M., Pazos Arias, J. J., López Nores, M., Gil Solla, A. & Blanco Fernández, Y. (2020). Computer Applications in Engineering Education, 28(5), 1128-1136.
  • On how Technology-Powered Storytelling can Contribute to Cultural Heritage Sustainability across Multiple Venues – Evidence from the CrossCult H2020 Project.
    Kontiza, K., Antoniou, A., Daif, A., Reboreda-Morillo, S., Bassani, M., Gonzalez-Soutelo, S. et al. (2020). Sustainability, 12.
  • Sensorized low-cost pencils for developing countries: a quantitative analysis of handwriting learning progress in children with/without disabilities from a sustainable perspective.
    Serpa Andrade, L., Pazos Arias, J. J., López Nores, M. & Robles Bykbaev, V. E. (2020). Sustainability, 12(24).
    [Version online]
  • VaNetChain: A framework for trustworthy exchanges of information in VANETs based on blockchain and a virtualization layer.
    Vintimilla Tapia, P., Bravo Torres, J. F., López Nores, M., Gallegos Segovia, P., Ordoñez Morales, E. F. & Ramos Cabrer, M. (2020). Applied Sciences, 10(21).
    [Version online]

Año: 2019

  • A Bespoke Social Network for Deaf Women in Ecuador to Access Information on Sexual and Reproductive Health.
    Robles Bykbaev, Y., Oyola Flores, C., Robles Bykbaev, V. E., López Nores, M., Ingavélez Guerra, P., Pazos Arias, J. J. et al. (2019). International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16(20).
    [Version online]
  • A Mobile App to Learn About Cultural and Historical Associations in a Closed Loop with Humanities Experts.
    Daif, A., Tarek Dahroug, A., López Nores, M., González-Soutelo, S., Bassani, M., Antonio, A. et al. (2019). Applied Sciences, 9(1).
    [Version online]
  • Bringing a peripheral, traditional venue to the digital era with targeted narratives.
    Antoniou, A., Reboreda Morillo, S., Lepouras, G., Iason Diakoumakos, P., Vassilakis, C., López Nores, M. et al. (2019). Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, 14.
    [Version online]
  • Experiences from placing Stack Overflow at the core of an intermediate Programming course.
    López Nores, M., Blanco Fernández, Y., Bravo Torres, J. F., Pazos Arias, J. J., Gil Solla, A. & Ramos Cabrer, M. (2019). Computer Applications in Engineering Education, 27(3), 698-707.
  • On Data Protection Regulations, Big Data and Sledgehammers in Higher Education.
    García Vélez, R. A., López Nores, M., González Fernández, G., Robles Bykbaev, V. E., Wallace, M., Pazos Arias, J. J. et al. (2019). Applied Sciences, 9(15).
    [Version online]