Gil Solla, Alberto

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Puesto: Catedrático de Universidad Gil Solla, Alberto
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Teléfono: (+34) 986813776
Fax: (+34) 986812116
Localización: Room B-103
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Últimas publicaciones

  • An automatic feedback educational platform: assessment and therapeutic intervention for writing learning in children with special educational needs.
    Serpa Andrade, L., Pazos Arias, J. J., Gil Solla, A., Blanco Fernández, Y. & López Nores, M. (2024). Expert Systems with Applications, To appear.  
  • Automatically Assembling a Custom-built Training Corpus for Improving the Learning of in-Domain Word/Document Embeddings.
    Blanco Fernández, Y., Gil Solla, A., Pazos Arias, J. J. & Quisi Peralta, D. (2023). Informatica (SCIE MATHEMATICS, APPLIED Q1 2022), 34(3).  
  • A Crowdsourcing Recommendation Model for Image Annotations in Cultural Heritage Platforms.
    Maged Kamel, M., Gil Solla, A., Guerrero Vásquez, L. F., Blanco Fernández, Y., Pazos Arias, J. J. & López Nores, M. (2023). Applied Sciences (SCIE ENGINEERING, MULTIDISCIPLINARY Q2 2022), 13(19).  
  • A Dashboard to Enable New Opportunities for Rural Development by Overcoming the Dominant Segmentation of European Pilgrimage Routes.
    López Nores, M., Pazos Arias, J. J., Gil Solla, A., Martínez Portela, R., Arcay Mallo, S. & Estévez Gómez, R (2023). En Proceedings of 11th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (WorldCIST 2023). Pisa (Italy).  
  • Personalized trips in the rural surroundings of European pilgrimage routes.
    López Nores, M., Arcay Mallo, S., Martínez Portela, R., Carreño Villar, R., Pazos Arias, J. J., Gil Solla, A. et al (2022). En Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions (SSPCR 2022). Bolzano (Italy).