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Año: 2007

  • AVATAR: Enhancing the Personalized Television by Semantic Inference.
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  • Enhancing Residential Gateways: OSGi Service Composition.
    Díaz Redondo, R. P., Fernández Vilas, A., Ramos Cabrer, M., Pazos Arias, J. J. & Rey López, M. (2007). IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, 53(1), 87-95.
  • Entercation: Engaging Viewers in Education through TV.
    Rey López, M., Díaz Redondo, R. P., Fernández Vilas, A. & Pazos Arias, J. J. (2007). ACM Computers in Entertainment, 5(2).
  • Exploiting OSGi capabilities from MHP applications.
    Díaz Redondo, R. P., Fernández Vilas, A., Ramos Cabrer, M. & Pazos Arias, J. J. (2007). Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting, 4(16).
  • Motivación y Perspectivas para la Personalización en la Televisión Digital.
    Pazos Arias, J. J. & López Nores, M. (2007). Tele Digital, 126, 120-122.