The Service for Information Society Research Group (henceforth SIS) began its activity in 1995, and it is one of the research groups in the techological center AtlantTIC. All the professors of SSI are members of the Department of Telematics Engineering, and provide tuition in the School of Telecommunication Engineering of the University of Vigo.

The experience acquired by the group during several years in the study and development of distributed systems, gave rise in 2000 to the beginning of a new line of research dedicated to Interactive Digital TV (IDTV). Within this field, the SIS group developed a number of projects of applied research, centered on the study and development of software for inter-operable Set-Top Boxes according to the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) standard, and on the design and development of applications on the different fields of IDTV (terrestrial, satellite, cable, DVB-H, etc.)

In the field of teaching and training, the SSI staff has developed over the last years an important work of transfer of the technology that has been appearing on the field of IDTV to the students of the University of Vigo and to professionals from several new tech companies around the country.

During the last years, the research work of the group has been oriented to the development of transversal methodologies for personalization, recommendation and adaptation of contents, based on semantic technologies. In this field the group has taken part and directed pilot projects for the construction of personalized services on different domains of application as tourism, advertising, and audiovisual and educational contents.

More recently, the interest of the group is also focused on the combination of the potential of semantic reasoning methodologies and those of social collaboration derived from Web 2.0 technologies.

These research lines have been founded through contracts with companies and especially through research projects obtained in competitive tendering processes from the Xunta de Galicia, the National R&D Plan of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, programs PROFIT and AVANZA of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce and several programs of the European Union.