Year: 2020

Year: 2019

  • A Bespoke Social Network for Deaf Women in Ecuador to Access Information on Sexual and Reproductive Health.
    Robles Bykbaev, Y., Oyola Flores, C., Robles Bykbaev, V. E., López Nores, M., Ingavélez Guerra, P., Pazos Arias, J. J. et al. (2019). International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16(20).
    [Online version]
  • A Mobile App to Learn About Cultural and Historical Associations in a Closed Loop with Humanities Experts.
    Daif, A., Tarek Dahroug, A., López Nores, M., González-Soutelo, S., Bassani, M., Antonio, A. et al. (2019). Applied Sciences, 9(1).
    [Online version]
  • Bringing a peripheral, traditional venue to the digital era with targeted narratives.
    Antoniou, A., Reboreda Morillo, S., Lepouras, G., Iason Diakoumakos, P., Vassilakis, C., López Nores, M. et al. (2019). Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, 14.
    [Online version]
  • Experiences from placing Stack Overflow at the core of an intermediate Programming course.
    López Nores, M., Blanco Fernández, Y., Bravo Torres, J. F., Pazos Arias, J. J., Gil Solla, A. & Ramos Cabrer, M. (2019). Computer Applications in Engineering Education, 27(3), 698-707.
  • On Data Protection Regulations, Big Data and Sledgehammers in Higher Education.
    García Vélez, R. A., López Nores, M., González Fernández, G., Robles Bykbaev, V. E., Wallace, M., Pazos Arias, J. J. et al. (2019). Applied Sciences, 9(15).
    [Online version]
  • Preface to the UMUAI special issue on personalized delivery of cultural heritage content – Perspectives on 7 years of progress in the field.
    López Nores, M., Kuflik, T., Wallace, M. & Naudet, Y. (2019). User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, 29(1), 1-7.
  • Sporadic Cloud-based Mobile Augmentation on the top of a Virtualization Layer: A Case Study of Collaborative Downloads in VANETs.
    Ordoñez Morales, E. F., López Nores, M., Blanco Fernández, Y., Reinoso Morales, E. P., Bravo Torres, J. F., Pazos Arias, J. J. et al. (2019). Journal of Advanced Transportation, .
    [Online version]
  • Technology-powered strategies to rethink the pedagogy of History and Cultural Heritage through symmetries and narratives.
    López Nores, M., Bravo Quezada, O. G., Bassani, M., Antoniou, A., Lykourentzou, I., Emma Jones, C. et al. (2019). Symmetry, 11(3).
    [Online version]
  • Using dates as contextual information for personalized cultural heritage experiences.
    Dahroug, A., Vlachidis, A., Liapis, A., Bikakis, A., López Nores, M., Sacco, O. et al. (2019). Journal of Information Science, To appear.

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